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About Us

Thanks for your interest and we hope for your support! We prefer to just share the knowledge of the web-site and then direct people to sites that may assist them in finding out how to be more helpful in general. If you want to donate money then we suggest you donate to Mercy for Animals or FARM, HSUS, Farm Sanctuary or maybe a few other possibilities. We really don't want to get emails from religious fanatics, meat addicts, mean people or people making money from the ritual sacrifice of animals. - Ed

Animal Sacrifice, Alter, Slaughterhouse, Torture, Cruelty, Santeria, Sharia, Shariah, Shechita, Satanism, 
Voodoo, Halal, Kosher, bloodletting, cutthroats, killing, meat-mafia, meat addiction,  Christian Matagh, 
Hindu Gadhimai, Primitive traditions, primitive religious rituals, stunning before slaughter, public knowledge, 
Sheep, Goats, Cows, Cattle, Dogs, Cats, Pigs, Turtle-Doves, Chickens, blood of the Lamb

"Cruelty and Greed in the name of religious piety is especially repugnant" - Scott


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